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How To Use Twitter When Looking For a Job

Most people out there today get many job offers every day. Therefore, to get a job, they must find a way to make their job search more effective. Twitter can be a wonderful job search tool. Indeed, the platform is very user friendly and has an easy structure that anyone can understand. Moreover, Twitter is full of offers and opportunities that can benefit job seekers. So if you are looking for a job or if you are looking for an opportunity, here are a few steps on how to use Twitter.

Make Your Twitter Profile Work For You

Once you’ve found a company that you’re interested in, take the time to craft a profile that’s tailored to their needs. Even a short social media profile can do the trick. Here are a few general tips: Get your name out there in the most comprehensive way possible. If you’ve got a podcast, add that as a description and include a link. A lot of companies will use a “get connected” button on their job pages and want to see how active your audience is.

Follow the Right Twitter Hashtags

Tweets sent from employers who have job openings are a great way to see what the company is all about. Just make sure you’re following the correct ones! There are thousands of potential employers that you can find through Twitter. The trick is to narrow it down and find the best ones.

Follow and Engage the Right People on Twitter

Follow all the leads that show some interest in your job. Mention the company that you are considering. Follow bloggers in your chosen industry. Let them know that you are interested in the position they are recommending. If you don’t see a response within 24 hours – then they aren’t interested.

Create Interesting Content on Twitter

Twitter, like any other social media platform, offers a platform to interact with others. When looking for a new job, your name and contact information should be well-known to recruiters. This lets them make quick decisions about whether you’re someone they want to talk to and will be a good fit for their company.

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