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What to Consider When Switching Careers

Perhaps you want to learn more, or grow in some other way, or learn a new skill. Or maybe you have a change in family dynamics, or find it no longer pays to do what you do now. Whatever the reason, one day you suddenly realize that the work you do, the work you have been doing, does not make you happy, or make life easier.

Try To Save Up

Since it's a bit trickier to predict what you'll be earning, or how much money you'll need to make, it's smart to put some money aside now to help weather the financial storm. Your initial salary will go a long way in cushioning you during the first few years of your new career.

Stay Committed

Make a commitment when switching careers. Once you decide to switch careers, you will need to stay strong mentally. Keep a plan in place that will support you as you explore what’s out there.

Try New Roles

What does volunteering look like in your career context? What are the roles and responsibilities you will have in that role? Giving back also supports others around you. This applies to all career transitions. When you start a new career, you are joining people in an activity and supporting them. So think of some giving back activities in the new role you want to pursue. You can do that by connecting with the people involved in the activity and finding out how you can be helpful.

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